Secure yourself a unique business opportunity in Canggu, Bali

The Available Units

Following Shop Units are available

  • 4 x Ground floor (60m2 each). Units A, B, D, E
  • 1 x Ground floor (40m2) Unit C
  • 1 x Ground floor (60m2) + basement retail space (40m2) - Total 100m2. Unit F

Units can be combined: A+B, B+C, A+B+C, D+E, E+F, D+E+F

ZIN Development in Canggu

The Shop development is part of a compound of 50are, featuring

  • ZIN Canggu - a boutique resort  with up to 28rooms of which 14 are already operational
  • an internationally managed restaurant  with 140 seats
  • ZINstudio, 3 studio apartments, as part of the hotel development, located above retail units D, E, F
  • ZINfit - Fitness and Sport

This state of the art development will attract guests and day-visitors, while Jalan Nelayan is growing steadily as a place to stay and hang out.

The property is managed by Anjali, which is co-owned by ZINworld, backing up all legal and financial aspects of this development, ensuring that we are building on a strong, legal foundation.


Tenant Profile:

Overall, we look for a diverse set of businesses that support each other in attracting interested shoppers and clients. We will target the mid- and upper market.

  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Fitness or Gym
  • Organic Food Products
  • Spa and Wellness Related
  • Surf Boards & Accessories
  • ..


ZINshop is located in Canggu, near famous Canggu Beach, Nelayan.

We are located just 100m away from the beach on Jalan Nelayan, where lots of visitors every day pass by to access the beach for daytime and particularly sunset hours. The overall atmosphere is stylish and yet laid back and relaxed.

There are more hotels and restaurants planned and under construction as we speak, while shop rentals, particularly the ones that are professionally managed providing a reliable and long-term partnership are rare - and will remain rare.

Popular places nearby:

  • Serenity Yoga
  • 808 Residence
  • Mermaid Restaurant
  • Makan Makan
  • Several High End Luxury Villas
  • Warung Dua (coming soon)
  • Boutique Hotel (coming soon)
  • Fitness & Gym (coming soon)
  • Near Beach: Old Man's, Finn's Club...

Secure yourself a place with great potential early on and lock in affordable prices that mirror our desire to form a strong an long lasting relationship with you.


All shops come with

  • Retail Space as per specification
  • Toilet & Sink
  • Ceiling Lights (LED spots)
  • Internet Connection
  • 24h Security
  • Parking, in front of the ZINshop building are several car and motor bike parking spaces that will be available to the guests visiting the shops and restaurant (non-dedicated)


To a certain extend we can still change the positioning of walls, or set-doors etc. Please talk to us about your requirements. To rent two ground floor shops next to each other and connect them is for example also still possible.

Construction Quality

The building is designed by professional and experienced architects, built by reliable and trustworthy contractors, and all regulations for safety and highest building standards have been monitored and ensured.

Prices & Terms

Even though we do know that average prices in Canggu for lower quality shops is already higher, we would like to support our tenants as best we can to enjoy a solid and sustainable business model, that allows each stakeholder to be profitable.

  • Rental starts at 150million / +VAT
  • Come in and check on our early-bird discounts and terms


  • Water and electricity will be charged based on consumption
  • You will be responsible for your own insurances and operate your business within legal terms.
  • Shop Signage
  • Interior, Shelves
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