Member of ZIN World


ZINHotels is member of ZIN World, an international investment group focused on creating business and marketing concepts into the world of real estate development, hospitality, leisure, e-commerce, retail and green-tech. The investors and founders behind ZIN promote the values of simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability within those business segments. We create affordable luxury and memorable experiences, whether we invest into hotels, villas, restaurants, retail or into sustainable technologies.

ZIN Hotels and Anjali Management

Since August 2018, ZIN Hotels owns two properties in Bali and with one more planned to be opened in 2019 in Ceningan. ZIN Bali has partnered With Anjali Hospitality, to operate and manage ZIN properties in Bali. Anjali is truly and deeply connected with Bali and the Balinese. The management and teams are dedicated to create unforgettable and unique experiences for our guests in Bali.

ZIN and Anjali are determined to contribute to a more sustainable form of tourism in Bali, that is benefitting the Balinese, local communities and plays a vital part in preserving this beautiful island.

Both companies believe in simplicity, smart products, style and comfort and stand behind high quality, yet affordable products-